The Spiegeltent

The Festival Hub
Corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace.

A spiegeltent (Dutch for "mirror tent") is a large travelling tent, constructed from wood and canvas and decorated with mirrors and stained glass, intended as an entertainment venue.

The gorgeous Victoria Spiegeltent will make her way to Christchurch for the duration of the festival and form the heart of The Festival Hub. 

Shows in this venue include

LIMBO, The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue: HAM, Pub Choir, Le Gateau Chocolat: ICONS, Modern Māori Quartet, Kevin Quantum, Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, RNZ BANG! Live Show, RNZ Black Sheep Live ShowFreaks on Friday, Orchestra of Spheres, The O.T.T Show, Festival Superband and The Nasty Show



The Spiegeltent is wheelchair accessible.


Best Parking for shows at The Spiegeltent are Wilsons Parking spots at:

88 Worcester Boulevard

135 Gloucester St

140 Gloucester St


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