The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue: HAM @ Old Boys Theatre



11 - 20 Jan



Comedy,  Physical Theatre


55 minutes

The legendary terpsichorean twosome make their New Zealand debut.  If it is true that every story needs plot and narrative, it is fortunate indeed that this has both, which means if you're looking for a tale, one that includes the story telling devices of plottery and narrativery then this one could be just for you. There’ll be props, and, oh yes, quite a lot of music, and then of course there are the sandals, oh those san-dals…

The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue simply have to be seen to be believed. They are the without a doubt the maddest, silliest, stupidest, cleverest, strangest and eve-rything else-ist as well as the funniest double act of comedians on the circuit.

They're a prop/music driven double act, professionally dancing about and holding up words and pictures since 2004, though they’ve been enthusiastic amateurs for much longer.


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The Guardian
A mad, anarchic triumph of stupidity over style. Not to be missed
The Scotsman
A masterclass, just when you think it can’t get funnier... It does!
The Times
one of the top 10 comedy shows you must see

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