The Miss Behave Street Show



11 - 20 Jan


Busking,  Variety


60 minutes

What she’ll do is unclear. But we know this: every show will be different, you will laugh a lot, there may be sword swallowing, some ‘acro,’ bangin’ tunes, hilarious banter, the occasional guest clown and glam assistant to mix it up.

Oh, and there will be glitter. Come and play…if you dare!

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Ticket Info

There is no cost to attend this event,  however each performer collects donations by passing a hat during their performance.

Don’t skip the hat when it comes by – that’s how buskers make their living!

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  1. Peacock Fountain Pitch

    Pay in hat

  2. Christchurch Art Gallery Pitch

    Pay in hat

  3. Cathedral Square Pitch

    Pay in hat

  4. North Quad Pitch

    Pay in hat

  5. Christchurch Art Gallery Pitch

    Pay in hat


The Scotsman
A full-on, orchestrated RIOT!
Vital Vegas
No two performances will ever be the same. A cheeky, subversive and sexy breath of fresh air.
Au Review
Want to laugh so hard wine comes out your nose? The Miss Behave Gameshow is for you. If I knew of a word that meant funnier than hilarious, I’d use it. Side-splittingly funny.
The Times, UK
An evening of satirically subversive fun and games. Wickedly Mischievous.
The Scotsman
If Miss Behave ever had a perfume named after her it would be called “Anarchy”. I have never seen an audience behave like this.

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