Kevin Quantum



29 Jan - 3 Feb



Magic,  Family


60 minutes

Following award-winning, sell-out performances in Edinburgh and Adelaide, Scotland’s top magician-scientist hybrid makes his New Zealand debut. Enter a space where the rules of gravity are bent and broken... Impossible illusions and levitations brought to you by the magician tutored by Penn & Teller.

Having spent half of his adult life studying Physics and half studying magic, Magic Circle Member Kevin explores the exotic space where science and magic meet. Magic is real. And he’ll prove it to you.

Kevin has appeared in BBC documentaries, consulted for the National Theatre of Scotland, taught Eddie Izzard magic for a movie role and broken a Guinness World Record. He was the first magician to perform at the Globe Theatre in London and has been nominated twice at the Scottish comedy awards.

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WINNER Best Magic, Adelaide Fringe 2018

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